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ESU Award for Language Learning with Digital Video

  I am very happy to announce that the handbook that I co-authored with Paul Driver – Language Learning with Digital Video – has won The 2016 ESU’s (English-Speaking Union) English Language Awards in the Resources for Teachers category. Thanks to Paul, series editor Scott Thornbury and commissioning editor Karen Momber at Cambridge University Press.

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ELTons 2016 nomination for “Eyes Open”

EYES OPEN The four level lower secondary course that I co-authored with Ceri Jones, published by Cambridge, has been nominated for an ELTon this year in the category of Course Innovation.  More information about the 2016 ELTons here.  

All four levels of “Smart Planet” available in Spain

The final level of Smart Planet is now out. The series for teens (a version of “Eyes Open”) has been designed specifically for the Spanish market. More information about the series here. You can watch a video tour about the book here:  


The fourth and final level of “Uncover” is now available, completing the series. Uncover combines captivating video from Discovery Education™ with a unique approach that opens up a whole new way for students to view the world. Now, learning English is much more interesting as students embark on a journey to uncover the cultures and

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