The Image Conference

I was great to speak at the Image Conference for the second time on November 22 in Córdoba, Spain. For those who don’t know, this was the 3rd edition of the event, organised by Kieran Donaghy of Film English fame, this time in collaboration with International House Córdoba. It was wonderful to meet so many people working in the field from many different educational contexts. In particular, it was interesting to see an increased number of talks on video creation with some great examples shown of student work.

The talk I gave was the History of Video in ELT in a revised format with new examples of publisher-produced and authentic material. It unpacks the four pedagogical uses of video: Language Focus, Skills Work, Stimulus and Resource and includes an extract from this clip from The Big Picture as an example of how publishers can experiment with genre when making their own recordings:

Notice in the clip that language comprehension is not the primary concern but rather the idea that the video can be a stimulus for other tasks: for example, in this case, getting learners to discuss the issue of graffiti in their community and find examples to bring to class. My talk also featured the visual poem Forgetfulness which Cambridge featured both in ‘English Unlimited’ and our methodological handbook ‘Language Learning with Digital Video’. I included this as an example of how video can enhance a cognitively demanding text such as a poem and make it both more memorable and teachable.

Thanks once again to Kieran and all the team at International House, Córdoba for organizing a great event.