Queering ESOL

I’m delighted to have been invited to speak at Queering ESOL’s 5th Seminar at King’s College, University of London in March 2015. The topic is:

 LGBT Representations: media, literature, pedagogic materials.

Here is a summary of the project:
The seminar series aims to explore the wide ranging challenges faced by ESOL practitioners in ensuring that the protected characteristics outlined in the 2010 Equality Act (specifically sexual orientation, civil partnership status and gender reassignment) are appropriately addressed.

The series brings together colleagues from a range of disciplines and areas of professional activity with a view to exploring the seminar series theme from a multiplicity of perspectives. The seminars will be held at the Institute of Education, King’s College London and the University of Leeds.

For more info on the initiative

As a taster of what I’m going to be talking about in March, compare these two couples from published ELT material that I worked on some years ago.

Simon suddenly had an “e” added to his name…

Framework Ricardo


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