Visual Poetry

I’ve recently become interested in the idea of “watching a poem”. I think, apart from anything else, for a generation unaccustomed to reading poetry at least on the printed page, representing a poem visually is an interesting idea. Have a look at this visual poem made by Headgear Animation based on a short poem called

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Language and Desire

In her book “The Multilingual Subject”, Claire Kramsch says this about many learners of English: “In language learning, desire is first of all escape. English, that is associated with freedom and economic opportunity, can serve to rebel against the traditional hierarchies of family and society… …. but desire can also be the urge to survive

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Images and Identity

I was reading Neil MacGregor’s History of the World in 100 Objects when I came across image number 11: King Den’s Sandal Label, made from Hippopotamus ivory around 3000 BC. This label is only 5 cm square and was once attached to an Egyptian Pharaoh’s pair of sandals. Made to accompany him in the afterlife,

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