BenG11I’m an English language teacher, teacher trainer and conference speaker. I teach on the online MATESOL program of the New School in New York and specialise in language teaching materials writing. I was born in London but live in Barcelona, Spain.

I’m also an ELT materials writer. For  Cambridge University Press, I have published two methodology handbooks: Language Learning with Digital Video (with Paul Driver) and Working with Images. I also co-authored the coursebook and workbook for English Unlimited Advanced with Adrian Doff. I have also written (with Ceri Jones) a course for lower secondary level which has three separate titles depending on the market.  The course is called Smart Planet in Spain, the British English edition is Eyes Open , while the American English version is called Uncover.

For Richmond, I am series editor and main author (along with Ceri Jones) of an adult coursebook series The Big Picture. There is also an American English edition available. I was also the main author of the young adult series New Framework.

I travel widely and have given talks in major ELT conferences around the world. I enjoy meeting teachers and listening to their needs and interests. My main areas of research are the role of  images and their role in language teaching and questions of identity and the language learner.  Other issues that concern me are the status of English as an international language, the marketing of English and the use of video and literary texts in class.