Smart Planet

The final level of Smart Planet is now out. The series for teens (a version of “Eyes Open”) has been designed specifically for the Spanish market. More information about the series here. You can watch a video tour about the book here:


The fourth and final level of “Uncover” is now available, completing the series. Uncover combines captivating video from Discovery Education™ with a unique approach that opens up a whole new way for students to view the world. Now, learning English is much more interesting as students embark on a journey to uncover the cultures and people

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Eyes Open

My new coursebook series for teens called “Eyes Open” (written with Ceri Jones) is now complete. All four levels are now available. In fact, the fourth level has my favourite cover! The series is published by Cambridge University Press, in conjunction with Discovery Education.Here is a sneak preview of what you can expect:

Language Learning with Digital Video

  Language Learning with Digital Video (co-authored with Paul Driver) is for teachers who are interested in using a range of video in the language classroom, from documentaries to You Tube clips and learner-generated material. The book contains a wide variety of generic, easy-to-use practical activities as well as a number of ready-made worksheets for

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Working with Images

Working with Images contains over 75 practical teaching ideas for the language classroom. Activities involve the use of both low-tech and high-tech images and are suitable for a very wide variety of teaching contexts: young learners and adults; specialised and general English; richly- or minimally-equipped classrooms. Activities can be used in any order, at any

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The Big Picture / American Big Picture

The Big Picture is Richmond’s highly visual general English course for adults. Beautifully designed across all six levels, it brings a whole new perspective to the language course book. The thought-provoking images are eye-catching AND meaningful and each one plays an important role in the learning process. The Big Picture was written for teachers AND

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New Framework / New American Framework

Adult Coursebook Series I am the main author of Richmond’s six-level adult course,  New Framework and New American Framework: New Framework is the updated edition of Framework, a six-level general English course for both adult and young adult learners. It retains the key features and feel of the original course but combines a refreshingly different approach to

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El uso de imágenes como recurso didáctico

This is the Spanish language version of my book “Working with Images” (translated by José María Ruiz) The title is “El uso de imágenes como recurso didáctico” and it’s published by Edinumen.

English Unlimited Advanced (with Adrian Doff)

Through universally inspiring topics and activities, and with a special focus on intercultural competence as a ‘fifth skill’, this truly international course helps learners become more sensitive, more effective communicators. Teaching natural, dependable language and using authentic audio from the start, it not only brings real life into the classroom, but gives learners the skills,

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